What does SearchOSCN do?

Quite simply, SearchOSCN.com saves you time and money, making your law practice efficient and profitable. Many lawyers have painstakingly looked at hundreds of dockets on OSCN trying to find a motion or pleading relevant to whatever they may be drafting. With SearchOSCN.com, you can find that document in seconds.

As an example, in a divorce, finding a spouse years after separation can be time consuming. As a lawyer, this is either very expensive for your client, or you eat that time. With SearchOSCN, you have other options.

Is the party on parole or probation? Make a search for `probation` or `parole` and find a SDT and a Motion that has been filed previously. Is the person a statutory employee within the state? Find a Motion and Order for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission to disclose the defendant's address on file. You can find cited statutes and case law to begin your research and stop reinventing the wheel.